Original Wyze Cam not staying where positioned

I have the original Wyze cam mounted on the wall facing downwards but I have it positioned outwards as to not see mainly wall but to see the room. No matter what I do, the camera slowly falls back to facing downwards. Why would it do this if it clearly comes with a mount for the wall? It’s so frustrating. It’s like the hinges are too lose and can’t keep a tight hold so the camera can be tilted. Is that not what the base was made for? Anyone have a work around or tip to keep it from falling to a straight down position?

Hi, @kll. If you don’t mind uploading a picture of your cam setup and mounting position, this will help the community members to assist you better, and give you some advice on how to solve this issue. :slightly_smiling_face: BTW, Welcome to the community!

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