Wyze Cam v3- Camera is moved (drastically) by even a moderate wind gust

Hi, I mounted my Wyze Cam v3 yesterday on a covered porch and midday today I see on the app that it got pushed down (seemingly due to wind) to only cover half the driveway, Ten minutes later I see it’s pointed straight down.

Is the mount so weak that it won’t stay in place even in moderate winds? This doesn’t bode so well. Does anyone have any ways to keep it angled in place?

Mine is rather stiff, and stays put. I would recommend tightening the screw on the mount.


Thanks, I’ll try that.

I just got 3 new V3’s. On one the legs were so tight that I could barely open it to push the reset button. Their quality control is slipping.
I suspect some machinery has gotten out of spec.

I think it’s more likely that the person operating the machine was not paying attention to the torque settings. At least it’s a simple fix.