4 Wyze cam3’s appear to have died during bad storm

I had 4 of the 5 outdoor Wyze cam 3’s die on me during a storm last night. I get connection failed and can’t restart them. Unfortunately I left for a nearly 2 week long trip the the day they went offline. The were all under my soffits though near the edge to have the angles I needed. I have one outdoor one still hanging in and 2 indoor one with no issues. I had a neighbor try power cycling on that had easier access to do so and nothing changed.

How good is Wyze with replacing cameras ? Or do I need to try and take them back to the store and get replacements ? The store was like an hour away from
My home and unfortunately I am now like 15 hours away where I am at now and not sure I will be able to return them. Anyone else have issues after big storms and them going offline?