Motion Detector problems when mounted outside

I have my WyzeCam V2 mounted in the Frienda Sillcone Case under the eve of my porch. This location is a recess above my front door totally protected from the rain. My problem is that where I live is very windy and it shakes the camera setting off a motion notification. Is there an adjustment I could make to prevent this? I have the camera set to the least sensitive setting (1).

Figure out a way to mount the camera more securely?

There are only two choices for outside mounts and neither is that stiff. The Camera is just placed in a sleeve tightly and there is no physical attachment to other camera from the case. Some of the clear cover boxes will not work as here in the Northeast weather changes create condensation, so a heater and addition power supply would be necessary.

Instead of using the magnetic base, run a screw or two through the base so the camera is rigidly attached. Don’t try to screw through the magnet - it’s pretty obvious where it is. Note that this would likely void the warranty.


It must be secure , ridged, and not move at all or ya get bad video.

If it moves it has to re focus

This is how I mounted three V2 outside under the eave. The metal plate is from Home Depot, costing < $1. So far so good.

You don’t have a protective case on it, or am I wrong? In my location it would last about a day if it rains. We get driving rains all the time.

I painted the camera black using a permanent marker. The camera was installed under the eave and gutter. I think it can withstand rain in winter here in San Jose, CA. Or I will add some duct tape to protect the camera bottom.