Wyze Cam Window Mount

Anyone else having issues with the window mount opening being just small enough that the camera doesn’t fit properly? The mount will literally “squeeze” the camera out of itself. Something isn’t right!
Any suggestions?

Things I would consider trying in a similar situation:

  • Tape the camera to the mount to counter the backward force.
  • Put some better adhesive inside to hold on to the camera a little better.
  • Remove the window mount from the window, put it on the camera first, then reapply it to the window (just because it might be slightly misaligned and holding exactly perfectly) to make sure it gives preference to forming on the camera
    • Note, this could weaken the adhesive that goes onto the window, so you might need to make sure you have replacement clear double-sided tape you can put on there again (I got a lot of really affordable double sided tape off Temu :man_shrugging: )

I’m not sure if any of those will actually help resolve it for you, but they are things I would consider trying if it was happening to me.

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One thing that might be affecting it is drag. If you don’t strain-relief the power cable by tying it to something higher, the weight of it might slowly pull the camera out of the mount. I tie my power cable to the curtain rod above it, so little weight hangs off the back of the camera.