V2 Wyze Cam base swivel lock

Would like to see a way to stop the adjustable cam base from swiveling. A set screw or some other method, or make the rotation tighter - right now it rotates completely freely so any movement of the cord, any slightest touch and the camera body rotates which can be frustrating when trying to locate it on an surface that may be a bit off level or tilted.

You can do this for a V2 cam.
A Small tab of clear plastic, cut ,from , any blister pack, slide it into the gap between the camera housing and the part that rotates that will tighten it up,


Ok. Will try later.

You may have a base that is looser than it’s supposed to be. You might want to contact our support team and include a video of it swiveling when touched.

Submit a request – Wyze

Ok - filed a ticket for loose base and uploaded a short clip of it swiveling. In current location I added a small shelf for it to rest on so not relying on the base. For future use, someone suggested that I may just need to jam a shim in to wedge the swivel so it stays put.

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You didn’t try it ?
I have a couple of em I shimmed a year ago, they work good , one of them is outside , wind and birds don’t even move it, but I can turn them if needed

I changed from the magnet mount to a small shelf so it’s fine for now. I just uploaded the video on the ticket so wyze could see it. It’s fine as it now rests on its side on the shelf rather than hanging sideways off the magnet attached to the side molding. Easier to use it on the shelf so I’m good for now.


There is always more than one way to do it , that’s what I always say.
As long as it works for ya .


FWIW - Wyze extremely excellent customer service sent out a new cam - from initial setup, the base does not turn as easily as the first and I can set it and forget it - it stays in position. There is still not a great deal of friction limiting the easy of rotation but it is definitely an improvement. Gotta say I did not ask for a replacement nor did I expect one since I did explain it was working fine on a small shelf I made for it. Wyze definitely gets kudos for the best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time! Wish my health insurer took customer service lessons from these folks!


Well , that’s cool , Wyze customer service is great

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I just received 6 more V2 cameras and they are all very loose. The cameras in my first order almost a year ago were fine so there must be a change in the manufacturing process.

I will try a shim or some silicone as suggested.

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Good to know it wasn’t just me. Frankly a completely redesigned base would be a major improvement. A gimbal of sorts similar to a ball and socket would far more useful. Maybe they could do one as an optional add-on.

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Maybe something did change but the ones I had to put shims in were purchased over a year ago.
Try a sham first if you don’t like it then you can goop it up with silicone

I’m sure I can figure out a way to fix it, the point is, I have some cameras that are fine and all 6 of the latest ones have the issue. To avoid customers having to do a ‘fix’ right out of the box it is something that should be addressed.

Not a big deal but didn’t think I would have to spend time fixing my 6 new cameras.

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Yeah , you shouldn’t have to


For $20+shipping I wasn’t expecting too much, but I don’t need much either. I got a poor location for a doorbell cam and no other power source so just needed something I could set in window next to the door to view the entry area for package pirates. I was impressed with easy setup and image quality. I sort of feel it’s a build quality flaw that shouts - you get what you pay for. It satisfies our needs with a handful of deficiencies that aren’t deal breakers. But if I had more stringent requirements for a security camera I’d look elsewhere.

That sums it up nicely. For the price I can overlook some hardware/app issues and still have a decent home gamer ‘security’ set up. I just need to make sure the camera doesn’t move if the cord is bumped and I miss the package pirates. :slight_smile:

I was just gonna try a bit of gorilla tape, but I like the suggestion use a shim made from cutting a small strip of thin plastic like the clear stuff from display packs.

Maybe this is solved somewhere already, maybe not.

I have the Wyze V2 outdoor cam. The very bottom of the camera base was loose. It would not hold my camera in a steady position.

The bottom of the square base has a square rubber seal. Pry off the four corners of the rubber seal, and you will find a very small #0 Phillips screw. Remove all four screws. Remove the square base. This is on the lower most base, not the camera.

Then you will see the place to tighten. The bolt has a lock nut, so you need to hold it will a needle nose pliers diagonally as you tighten the Phillips head (#1) screw.

It’s really not that difficult.

Not the same as the V2 indoor cam, different housings. Notice age of posts, v2 has been replaced by v3. Not sure if v3 base is same since I don’t have one. The v2 satisfies monitoring the entry area. I got the orig doorbell as a beta tester and it’s proven my original thought that it’s sidewall location is not as good as looking forward. So with a bit of plastic jammed in the swivel, it holds fine and the v2 is good enough for the casual monitoring of deliveries. Turns out the porch pirates were just a one off in the community. We got 450 homes surrounded by water with only one guard gated access road that manned 24/7, one of only a few communities in this SoFlo area with nearly zero crime.