Loose swivel base question

Bought my second Wyze. First one from 2 years ago was great, but the swivel on the base (the white disk at the bottom of the camera itself) on this one, is much too lose. Touching the cable causes the camera to rotate.

Tried to slide a small piece of thin clamshell plastic into the gap (a Google suggestion), but the gap is not wide enough to get it in. Even if I did, it would likely fall out.

There’s a small, dime-sized disk where the base attaches. Could I pry that off and possibly find a screw that would need tightening? I’m loathe to slap silicone (another Google solution) on a brand-new device, and tape is not an optimal solution.

Any other ideas welcomed too.

Hello, @silverthunderbird.

While we don’t recommend making any significant changes such as removing/modifying the product itself, I would recommend clipping the cable in with cable clips you could find at your local hardware store or on Amazon to prevent the cable from moving.


A Small tab of clear plastic, cut ,from , any blister pack, slide it into the gap between the camera housing and the part that rotates that will tighten it up,
About 1/4" wide 1/2" long
I have done this on 3 of them and they have not fallen out

As I mentioned, I tried to get a small piece of blister pack plastic to fit in the gap, but it wouldn’t fit. Maybe it was too heavy a gauge, but it was all I had on hand. Was hoping there was a hidden screw that I could simply tighten, Also not pleased with the suggestion of having to secure the cable with clips to accomplish what wouldn’t be needed if there were some quality control checks to catch this issue.

In any event, didn’t have this issue with my first Wyze Cam, and decided to return this one to the vendor (Amazon), and request a replacement. Hopefully it won’t have this problem, but based on your having to fix 3 other cameras doesn’t give me a lot of hope. :-/

I’m in Canada, so the cost of the Wyze up here is nearly double the US $19.99 tag, so having to jury rig a brand new item with plastic wedges, tape, silicone adhesive, etc., isn’t an appealing option.

Thanks to all for the responses.

See my post here as it might help with your issue:

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Interesting. Will keep this in mind if I buy another one.

Received the replacement. While not as good as the cam I bought some time ago, is decidedly better than the returned unit. Would’ve liked to have tried the plastic wedge trick, but couldn’t get a piece to fit. This appears to be a more permanent fix.

Thanks for the tip. :ok_hand:

Happy to hear your new camera had a better base. When I get time I’ll have to take a digital caliper and measure the case and gap on an older camera and a new one to see if I can collect more data.

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I would look forward to seeing those results. :slight_smile: