Loose base

Is there any way to tighten the rotation of the camera on the base? I have four cameras, two of them are “snug” and will stay in the position I set them but the two others are loose and require creatively snaking the usb cable to keep them in place.

That is a good question. The first 3 Wyze cams I ordered were all very loose. I ordered 3 more and the first one I unpackaged was snug so I’m thinking they fixed it, but the other 2 were loose. It seems to be the luck of the draw to get a snug one. You averaged way better than me. I have a couple under the eave of a metal building. I rotate to base to the rotation limit and use a little cable tension to keep it against the rotation limit.

Assuming it is at least a semi-permanent location, a little dab of silicon over the joint where it rotates should keep it in place while not being impossible to move it if needed (unlike epoxy).


Make sure the two little phillips screws on the bottom are snug. That can make a little bit of difference.

Then, similar to the suggestion above, you can put a tiny piece of tape or a sticker over the seam between the round part that rotates and the rest of the base. Just be sure not to cover the setup button or the SD card slot or the ventilation/speaker holes.

Finally, tighten the screw where the gray base attaches to the white camera to keep that adjustment from moving.

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I have five v2 Wyze Cams, three that are firm and two (received recently) that are loose. I took one apart to see what might be the issue and found that the base design is two plastic plates screwed together in the middle around the case which are supposed to create enough friction to hold the base snug. Since my older three cameras are firm and the two new ones loose, one possibility is that the case thickness was decreased without the base being updated to match. As others have suggested, adding a shim will add some friction, however I found another option.

What you want to do is remove one of the two screws from the bottom of the camera and use it to screw together the front and back plates as tightly as you need (don’t go too tight or it will not move at all!). In addition to the two screws there are clips that hold the base on, so I do not think you should need to worry about the base falling off with only one of two screws, however you could always use a similar screw to be safe. Just make sure that the screw is short so you do not damage the sensitive electronics inside the case and with a small enough head that it does not prohibit the base from closing. Take a look at the attached photos and you will see that the factory screw is long enough to connect the plates but does not completely go through so that is about the size that I would use.


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Maybe this is solved somewhere already, maybe not.

I have the Wyze V2 outdoor cam. The very bottom of the camera base was loose. It would not hold my camera in a steady position.

The bottom of the square base has a square rubber seal. Pry off the four corners of the rubber seal, and you will find a very small #0 Phillips screw. Remove all four screws. Remove the square base. This is on the lower most base, not the camera.

Then you will see the place to tighten. The bolt has a lock nut, so you need to hold it will a needle nose pliers diagonally as you tighten the Phillips head (#1) screw.

It’s really not that difficult.