Camera mount screw size on Wyze Cam OG series

I read in a review of the Wyze OG camera’s that the camera mount is not the same standard screw mount size as seen on the WCO camera ?

Can someone verify the Wyze OG camera’s use the standard camera mount screw size as any other camera?

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The OG cams use a smaller diameter threaded insert on the bottom. You will need an adapter to use a standard tripod mount.


Thank you for confirming. I wonder what the logic was behind going non-standard on the mount.

My plan was to buy something like This Mount with a standard 1/4” standard Mount.

Does Wyze sell an adapter?… (most likely not)… so IF i buy a couple of these, I’ll have to hunt down an adapter for each.

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I’m not sure why they went that route. They boasted about how much cost saving they made with the new mount, so I guess every little thing like that mount contributes. The camera is intended to be the cheapest model, so I guess it makes sense.

Wyze does not sell an adapter, but they may have info in the FAQ or product page about the size and threads used so you can purchase/make one.

@nixhome2020 Check out this post here.

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Wyze was trying to make this the most affordable camera possible. It is intended to be their “Entry-level” camera. They said in a video about it that changing to this kind of mount cut the camera cost by $0.50 per camera. For people who want more elaborate options, there are mid-level and “Pro” level cameras with more bells and whistles, but this camera model in particular is specifically designed to save costs as much as possible and this mount helped.

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Can you post correct link plz?