Wyze OG mount is sort of a bummer, also there is a new thread size for mount screw post

Wyze should find and offer for sale a 1/4-20 to 4mm whatever adapter. I found one on Amazon.com but it is 3-4 weeks delivery from China. I could not find any USA sources for the adapter. When I enquired about 4mm mounts at online camera sources the general attitude was “what ? why would you use 4mm when 1/4 or 5/8 are universally available ?” If anyone has a CNC machine, they could run off a few thousands. They could offer aluminum, brass, and steel in increasing order of durability and price.

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Well we bought 11 of the V3 encloses that come with the mount and we usesd the this tape and mounted it on the bottom of t

he Camera in side the enclosure And bingo all good now

Dear skyhawk,

I am pleased to report that I have successfully mounted a Wyze Cam OG on a generic security camera pole (with a 1/4 - 20 bolt on a swivel ball joint) via a 4mm (M4) male to 1/4 inch female adapter.


A quotation from the YouTube video . . .

the change from a typical wise three pound stand to a ball joint, that change saved us 50 cents


The Amazon URL quoted in my previous post was incorrect. Apologies . . .


And there is a typo ( wise → Wyze ) in another previous post.

the change from a typical Wyze three pound stand to a ball joint, that change saved us 50 cents

Lastly, a couple of photos (poor in quality) for your reference.

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Again, the Amazon URL quoted in my previous post was incorrect. Apologies . . .


I am mechanically handy. I managed to make my own 1/4-20 to M4-.7 adapter out of 1/2" diameter HDPE rod. I bought the rod and M4 die at the hardware store. I already had a 1/4-20 tap in my workroom. Used a drill mounted in a clamp as a mini-lathe. Plastic adapters should be good enough for camera mounts that will not be changed often.


Dear KayTel . . . when you are not too busy, would you mind sharing a photo of your DIY adapter made of HDPE?

This has soured me pretty hard on the wyze brand. I’ve spent money on several attempts to remedy. Honestly considering just dumping my two OG cameras in a trash can and moving on with my life. It’s amazing something so small can cause this much frustration.

I just wanted better sound and faster response time of the alerts. Now I’m dealing with this. Not worth it.

Last month i added a bunch of OG cams and i just love the way they work excellent pictures and clear videos and with the new platform and IC chip a big improvement over the V3 at a few locations we did the stack kit with both OG models there watching a dirt road with a secured gate entry-Medlevel security

I discovered a very easy and economical way to make a 1/4-20 to M4-.70 adapter, I am surprised at myself. If this was a project at work, I would have come up with it very quickly.
1/4-20 to M4-.70 adapter for the Wyze Cam OG

So which is it, 8/32 or 4 mm?

I have measured and adapted, by experimentation, to M4-.70mm. It would be nice if Wyze Labs could confirm this in the OG product specifications.

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I was at a hardware store and 8-32 would make a couple turns and then get very tight. I see people on Amazon are claiming that’s the thread, but what I think they’re doing is reforming the thread to work with the screw. Whether it’s stretching the thread or kind of recutting it, I’m not sure. As for M4 .7 , I would say it’s sloppier. I don’t know if it would loosen up over time. I had put a not of that thread on the stand and and even had someone else confirmed that it seemed a little wobbly. Whether or not it would tighten down. I don’t know what I didn’t bring the camera. That may be a little loctite or thread sealant might help take up the slack. They’re possibly is a M4 .5 pitch but they didn’t have one to try.

I am certain of the size because I have measurement tools for screw threads. Here is the post of the ball mount from the OG camera compared to a screw checker plate at 4mm and .7mm pitch gauge. If you hold a #8-32 screw against the threads of the post, you will see that the threads do not line up exactly. Matching screws by feel is risky because of differences in measurement standards and tolerances between metric and imperial systems. Some screws do appear to fit but will end up with damaged threads. It is best to have a specification or measure. I have not seen an explicit specification from Wyze Lab. If you want, you can find screw checking plates at hardware stores and online for less than $10. They are nice to have. I have them because I have been a Machinist and a Manufacturing Engineer, so I am wary about guessing screw sizes.

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Good to know. Yes I checked the store plate and that is how I determined 8-32 was wrong but a fresh .7 pitch nut IS sloppy, allot of wiggle but works. I assume when the plastic washer is butt up it tightens it . But I would think if one is not butting up the came to the new screw base, it might have a wobble. However, I understand some tolerences vary from maker to maker.

The change to 4mm for the threads is really a bummer, making mounting of the single telephoto OG a pain. I have tried using an adapter from the standard camera mag mount screw size 1/4 inch to as close to 4mm as I could get. It seems to be holding.

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ok, glad it saves money. now is there an adapter for this connector so that we cn use it with other mounts?
How do the Wyze # want us to mount these devices with standrd mounts.
@WyzeJasonJ A source for a thread adapter for previous mounts (from Wyze? ($2) would be very very very helpful… @WyzeGwendolyn


Hi, there. Please refer to Wyze OG mount is sort of a bummer, also there is a new thread size for mount screw post - #12 by poor_financier . . .

So we need to buy an $8 black adapter to save Wyze money on the new OG cam ‘design’? Glad to see Wyze ongoing considerations of cost savings but please standard mounts.

@WyzeJasonJ please pass this along to the design team. Standard interfaces please. Thanks.

Does this need a wishlist to be fixed?