Has anyone placed a Wyze Cam V3 mount on a new OG Camera?

I am replacing a V3 that has a foggy lens with an OG. But I have it mounted useing the magnetic mount. I was wondering if anyone has removed the mount from a V3 and placed it on an OG? (I am waiting for my OG to arrive.)

I don’t think you are going to be able to do this easily.

The OG Mount Screw that goes into the bottom of the cam is an integrated Thumb Screw that you can’t use without its mount post.

The problem is, that screw is a different size than the screw that secures the Mount on the V3. So the screw that you get with the V3 Mount will not fit into the bottom of the OG. It isn’t the right size.

If you can find the right size screw to fit the OG, you might be able to get it to work though.

Here are some threads discussing it.

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I bought adapters on Amazon. They work fine.

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You can use M4 to 1/4-20 adapters. It’s ugly, but doable:

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The fact the OG is not using a standard camera 1/4 inch mount is so silly!

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