Use OG telephoto with V3 camera -- stacking ability

I recently acquired many v3 cameras and I would like to be able to use them with the new OG telephoto camera (stacking).

Could this be accomplished? I would rather not have to “re-buy” the OG to be able to get the telephoto OG stacked with it.

Thanks so much – love the Wyze cameras that I have!

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Double sided foam tape works fine.


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This would be a great capability to have. But, it would take some new manufacturing to do it. A costly endeavour that I just don’t see happening.

  1. The V3 doesn’t have a top slide slot to accept the top stack mount. So, it would have to be the top cam since the OG has the slot and would have to be on the bottom.

  2. The binding screw on the stack mount that slides into the top of the OG is specifically sized for the bottom threaded port of the OG… Which is not the same size as the V3.

  3. The binding screw in the stack mount isn’t replaceable with a different size since it is a custom ball and socket secured inside the mount pivot joint. The only way it could work is if a new stack mount is developed and sold with a ball and socket binding screw sized for the V3.

I am with @K6CCC. Scotch \ 3M makes some industrial strength clear gel adhesive strips that work amazingly well.

Another option is Velcro.