Link Wyze Cam OG Telephoto to Pan V3

Could you please add the option to link the og Telephoto to the cam pan V3 like how you can link the telephoto to the normal if so it can be picture in picture? The reason this is needed is because I want to put a og Telephoto on top of a pan V3 so that I can look around everywhere with the telephoto instead of just one area. Thanks!

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Not gonna work. The tilt motor on the Pan V3 is not strong enough to lift the weight of the OG-Tele on top of the V3 Pan - several of us here tried it (including me). And if you think “I’ll always keep if vertical”, the V3 Pan does a complete vertical tilt at reboot or power up. Now one person reported that they were able to do it by putting the OG-Tele on the side of the V3 Pan successfully. My guess is that doing so will be very hard on the bearing for the tilt axis resulting in a short life.
I will also tell you that it’s REALLY hard to point accurately enough. Slowing the motor speed on the V3 Pan may make that easier.

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That person would be @nick28011964

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Correct, thats me.
I know the position of the OG so I now can easy adjust the pan v3 to a position near the point i want to view the OG’s image. It can do a full reset of the pan 3 or put it on private mode without the OG is blocking the panv3.
I can see the image with a second telephone , tablet or chromebook, and point the OG exactly.
It would be the best of all if Wyze made a panv4 with adjustable zoom, but for the time being this works perfect.