Does someone tried to mount a OG Telephoto on a pan v3?

I like watching the stars but the zoom on the pan v3 is digital so a lot of artefacts appear, so I wanted to try to mount, glue or whatever a Telephoto camera on top of it, would the motors hold it ?? I think the horizontal one doesn’t have any troubles with the extra weight, but how about the vertical engine ? Does anyone tried it ?

It does have some issues with the motor as there is a fair amount of weight.
The camera can not get to its highest point or lowest depending on orientation.


I tried it. Does not work. The V3 Pan vertical motor can’t lift the camera with a OG-Tele mounted to it.

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Thats where I was afraid of… Maybe a glued lense on the pan v3 does work…

You would likely find that the V3 Pan will pan too fast - even on the slowest speed setting.

Most of the time I am watching the stars so it would be facing up, but even the smallest shock would moves the pan to much i guess, so back to the drawing board, replacing the lenses would be not possible also… For now I am out of ideas…

I have not tried adding a counter weight to the backside of the Pan Cam V3 with a telephoto camera on the opposite side. That could reduce the motor strain.

I gonna try this when it arrives, I have to order it on amazon amerika because Wyze doesn’t ship to europe, maybe I can try it with a V3 assuming that it has the same weight as the OG Telephoto.

Without base the V3 and OG Telephoto Cameras weigh roughly 73 grams each.

I was going to try this at one time and use curtain weights that I thought I had, but I must have thrown them out during a cleaning, and have not come back around to take this test any further yet.

Would be interested if you do. If I do I will share :+1:

I’ve also recently acquired a 3D printer so I may try something down that path as well.

I thought about that one too. Very familiar with antenna rotors for ham satellite operation which also need to be fairly close to balanced to reduce motor and bearing stress. It was not worth the effort to try that with the V3 Pan.

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Maybe just switch the lense would work to make a pan V3 Telephoto…