Can You Stack a Second Cam on Pan v3?


Currently my setup is a Cam Floodlight with a Pan V3 plugged into the floodlight for power.

I am wondering if there is a way to stack a second cam under the Pan V3 and also plug it in

People have stacked a second cam on top of the Pan V3 or on the side of it with adhesive so that it rotates with the cam. However, this can strain the motor or hit the wall behind it when looking fully upward, so do so at your own risk. But you said UNDER the Pan V3? Yeah, I guess that is totally possible, assuming you are talking about underneath the base where it mounts, not underneath the moving part. Just make sure you secure both cameras well enough that wind isn’t going to blow either of them down. You could use some kind of adhesive, or string or something I’m sure.

As for plugging a second cam in to the Floodlight cam USB port to have 2 of them…you caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…I mean, I used a splitter into my floodlight cam, then powered 2 low-power cameras from that. However, the Floodlight USB port only outputs 2.1 amps. I believe the Pan V3 also requires 2 amps, so if you add another camera that needs to take away from that 2 amp limit, you may start experiencing lots of glitches on one or both of the cameras when both are trying to use lots of power at the same time. This can manifest in different ways such as the camera rebooting, or not uploading videos, or doing all sorts of different weird things. So just be aware of that.


As @carverofchoice noted, placing a cam on top of the PanV3 has been tried. But the motors are not strong enough to lift it back up when it looks down.

Placing it on the bottom of the cam is also problematic. The vertical tilt of the cam and its proximity to the base cube, the horizontal axis motor, makes this impossible.

There are posts of successful attachment to the side though. Check out @nick28011964’s application: