Oh no he has an idea

Since there is nothing available that has the electronics of the v3 with the rotating ability of the cam pan, why not mount a v3 on top of a cam pan and plug the v3 into the USB port on the back of the cam pan?

Sort of like Master Blaster.


Since you now use 2 cameras, why not just get 2 V3 cameras? The two cameras together cover the same view angle. Your eyes can pan much faster.

And you eliminate the potentially troublesome mechanical component.


That is a thought but the v3 does not have another port, so a splitter would be needed which is a minor thing.

The cam pan can rotate almost 360,degrees, so to get the same coverage I would need more than 2 v3 cameras. 3 perhaps 4.

I do have 2 v3 cameras mounted on a weatherproof enclosure, pointed 90 degrees from each other, with a 32000 mAh USB power bank inside. That is my attempt at a portable wildlife camera.

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I like all these ideas. :slight_smile:

Hmm, how long can you go before you have to recharge your 32000 mAh USB power bank? Iā€™m sure the answer is dependent upon how much live streaming you do and how many events you capture. If possible, please include that information in your answer. Also, please let me know if either of those v3ā€™s have an active CAM Plus subscription.

Many thanks!


The v3 runs for about 4 days on a fully charged 32000 mAh USB power bank. That is continuous recording to SD card, status light turned off.
Here are some pics of the wildlife



Sorry for the partial reply. I do not have CamPlus and I do not live stream. Most of the time it is boring woods and a field.