Two V3 Pro Cameras fed by one USB 5V / 2.0A power block

I have two V3 Pro cameras to mount on a pole facing different directions. Can I feed both cameras using a USB splitter which will be in a waterproof, outdoor rated electrical box powered by a SINGLE 5.0V / 2.0A power block within?

I would definitely not recommend this. The v3 pros are more power hungry than others, and will experience issues like failed firmware updates, frequent reboots, speaker issues, and siren issues if they don’t have enough power. I would recommend running a 120v extension coord up the pole and having 2 usb adapters at the top.


Yeah, this is the best suggestion.

Though you could buy a different adapter that will support 2A per port and just run 2 cords.

I’ve never tried using a splitter, but I guess it’s possible you could get an adapter than will support 4A and then split a single cord between 2 V3Pros, but that could be risky.

I believe all of the above ideas I listed would technically void the warranty since you wouldn’t be using the equipment Wyze provides. If you want your warranty to remain valid, I would suggest doing what @IEatBeans recommended as that is the best recommendation.

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Thank you for your input! I managed to just barely fit two V2 Wyze Cam power blocks (2A each) into a double-wide waterproof junction box. They’re plugged into an extension cord end that I spliced onto the incoming AC wiring.