Wyzecam v3 daisy chain?

Anyone try powering their v3 off an old v2? The f.a.q. doesn’t recommend it. Any issues?

I have 2 Wyze v3 powered off of 2 Wyze Pans. At first I was having issues with the v3s intermittently dropping connection. I’m pretty sure it’s because I had all 4 running off a single generic dual-port 2.1 amp USB power adapter. I changed it out for a 50-watt 10 amp 6-port USB charger and none of the cameras has dropped since.


I have 2 v3’s running off the V2’s…no issues. but keep in mind that if you attempt to update the cameras as a group and the V2 reboots, it may cut power to the V3 and mess up the update on that camera…just something to keep in mind with linking them.


Thanks for the info, I just set up one of my v3s off the V2 and so far so good

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Anyone try using the Wyze spotlight cam splitter cable to power two V3 cams? I want to replace my V2 cam with a V3 and this would be ideal.