Can you use the V2 wire/plug/magnet to connect V3 cam?

My Wyze Cam V3 just arrived this morning, pretty excited about it.

The main reason i bought V3 is because of the better sensor that allow more light into the lense hence creating a better night view.
I plan to replace a few of my V2 that’s currently sitting outside, and pretty bad video quality during night time as everything is so dark and lots of white reflection from my wooden wall.

Question i have is, i am thinking to make this swap as efficient as possible by reusing all the existing plug/wire/magnet plate to install my V3, it’s a pretty straight forward swap.
I am pretty sure the answer is YES YOU CAN, but just want to check has anybody out there done this??

I re-used the same usb adapter & cable for all 6 of mine…they’re the same


Thank you Ken