Can I use the same power plug on a Wyze Cam v2 with the newer Wyze Cam v3?

I’d like to update two of my v2 cameras, however, I currently have my v2 cameras mounted externally using a third party housing kit, where I ran the cabling through my soffit and into my attic.

I’m looking to avoid re-running new cabling through my attic. It would be much easier if I was able to simply disconnect my v2 cameras, and replace them with v3 cameras by using the same USB power cable.

It looks as if the v3 has a more circular connection. I know the v3 is rated as exterior use, but I may buy a new housing for it as well. So, I don’t care so much if the v2 cable is a perfect fit for the more circular connection, I just need to know if it is the same plug type which I believe is a micro USB, correct?

you are correct. they do use the same USB power cable, it is micro USB


Is it the stock V2 cable? Yes, the V3 can use the same power plug and USB cable. But if you used a longer, third-party USB cable for the old V2, there is a chance it might not deliver enough power due to voltage drop. I had to change to a better cable for the replacement V3.


Thank you both. It is the stock v2 cable.