Wyze Cam v3 power

my wyze cam 3 that i want to connect to the front yard through a light socket/plug will not take the power plug that came with it, due to small space in there. Can I use an iphone power plug which is 5V 1AMP to supply power to the camera?

Yes, it’s plain old dumb USB power. Almost any USB adapter that can supply the current (almost any can) will work.


Thanks, realized it after plugging it in.
My concern was about the power that goes into the camera, the specification was 5V and 1AMP,

Can the v3 be powered solely off usb? For example, if I had an outlet cover that had a usb-A port, can it power off of that or is the power brick/plug required?

I’ve used one of the small apple USB chargers outdoors (in an enclosure) in 123° summer heat for 2 years and it’s held up fine. I just opened up the enclosure over the weekend to inspect it, and it’s fine ☼