Wyze Cam V3, replacement power cord USB 2 or 3 to micro USB?

I’d like to purchase a much shorter (after market), power cord for the Wyze V3, but I’m not sure what type of cord I should look for. Is the cord a USB 2 or 3 to a micro USB or is it something else.


All micro usb cables are the same there’s tons on Amazon from 6 inches to 50 feet

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Technically, it is USB 2.0 but when you are only using it for power, that really isn’t an issue. When you are only plugging it into a power adapter, the data lines aren’t being used at all.


Your original Wyze USB cable for your v3 cam is USB 2.0 to micro USB.

As LonnieM stated, there are other options that will work, but they are more expensive and unnecessary. E.g., a more costly USB 3.0 to micro USB will also work, but the v3 cam can’t make use of the additional cable features.

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Thank you everyone for the quick replies. I just ordered a 6 pack of 1 foot USB2-to-microUSB from Amazon ($8)… one for each of my cameras and a spare.

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You’re welcome