Bridge for Wyze Cam v3?

Received the Wyze Cam v3 today with the intention of replacing my indoor v2 cameras. Had already set it up before I realized there is one little detail I hadn’t considered.

The v3 cameras aren’t compatible with the Bridge, therefore my window and door sensors would stop working if I removed the v2 cameras completely.

Since the design/form factor of the v3 does not have allow any integration with the current Bridge, wouldn’t it have been nice to integrate said Bridge circuitry into v3 so there’s no need for an additional dongle (even if that would have meant a slight bump in price)? Also are there any plans for a Bridge v2 that works with Camera v3 so my sensors can come online again? For now the v3 is going to have to go back into its box until there’s a workaround.

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During a recent AMA it was talked about that there is an upgrade coming to the Sense sensor line. More info is coming. You can still setup and use the v3, and have that interface with the sensors if the v2 with the bridge is still working elsewhere and installed in your app. It’s all the same eco system. I have 12-14 in use cameras, and only one with a bridge. If a sensor connected to that one bridge trips, I have have it trigger a short clip on any camera, or turn on any bulb in the house, not limited to an action only on the camera that has the bridge.


I missed the AMA so it is a relief to see a solution is forthcoming. As for using a v2 camera with the bridge, of course I know that is possible but my use-case included my intent of swapping all v2’s completely. As it is, I will have to put that plan on hold for now. Like I stated, the oversight was on my part.

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Huh, I hadn’t considered that either! One of the cam v2’s I plan to upgrade to a v3 is indeed one of my bridge cams, specifically because its the one that’s closest enough to pickup my basement door sensor.

Um, to state the obvious you could just relocate one of the old V2s almost anywhere inside, point it toward a wall or something, and use it to be your bridge station. This will also mimic the future state that will require a standalone bridge.


I have the issue where I can’t actually trigger the V3 cams to record when motion is detected on my wyze motion sensor. It’s quite frustrating that isn’t compatible at this point because I was replacing my V2 cameras with V3 and those cameras were triggered by a wyze motion sensor to record so I got 2 angles of video recorded at the same time triggered by one sensor. I now have to rely on the camera being triggered by motion.

Has anyone else noticed this as well? If you have a mixture of V2 and V3 cameras and a motion sensor can you see the V3 cameras as an option to trigger when motion is detected?

As @Omgitstony said there is a forthcoming solution. One thing I did at an in-law’s house was to simply dedicate a cam to being the bridge-cam and set it where I needed it for only that purpose. That let me get the coverage for other cams. I turned off the cam off and faced it to a wall to protect privacy at that location. Worked great!


Wow! Is your house like 1 million square feet or do you run a factory in it?

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The Wyzecam Outdoor model has a separate Base Station to connect those cameras. This base station “bridge” also has a full size USB A port on it like the Wyzecam V2. Perhaps the Sense Bridge could plug into the Wyze Base Station (which could be offered standalone?) and perhaps increase the range of the sensors?? Or build the Sense Bridge into the next revision of the Wyze Base Station and offer as one “bridge” to rule them all.

Completely speculating.