V3 /bridge for sensors

I replaced a V2 that was pointed to the front door and garage (both have sensors) with an amazing cat vision V3 and I am SO HAPPY :grin: to now clearly see the garage door at night. But—- I had no idea the V3 wouldn’t have the port for the bridge for the sensors. :frowning:

The v1 sensors are being replaced with a new Sense line of sensors, which will have a standalone hub, no need for the usb camera connection. You can keep a v2 running with the bridge facing a wall or somewhere to keep the v1 sense stuff online.


Yes. I will do that probably.

The v2 camera can be turned off. The sensors work as long as the camera is plugged in. I hope the old sensors work with the new system.

Well yeah but that’s because the camera is never really “off”, just pretending to be.

Another option for the brave is hooking the old bridge directly to a Home Assistant server (but that separates it from the Wyze ecosystem / app).