Bridge to nowhere?

What’s the deal with the sensor bridge? Has this simply been forgotten as Wyze moves onto other products? It is an adapter that plugs into the V1 cams so that we can connect the sensors but since those models there has been nothing to update or replace it.

I just received my V3 cams which I was going to replace my aging and outdoor V1s with but surprisingly it has no USB port for a bridge and doesn’t have one built in. So now I have two fancy new paperweights.

I did the same thing with the wireless cam. Figured that the base with it’s USB port would accommodate a bridge so I could put that centrally and then use additional wireless cams. But no. That USB port is just for show.

Many of us only invested in Wyze over other brands because of the upcoming sensors and we’ve been asking for a stand alone bridge since they were released. Now I’m getting the feeling that these staples will be forgotten as the company favors the next piece of tech.

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There will be Wyze sense vs 2 coming out soon which will not require a bridge.


I am now realizing the same as our pre-order cam in yesterday, not sure how to monitor all our door contacts with the V3 as we just changed out all 8 of our cams.

You can leave a v2 with the bridge running and have it face a wall or something to keep the Sense sensors running if you don’t have a spot for it.

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Already have been doing that as a work around, but not a solution for the long term, $20 power supply seems silly…lol, i hope the new contact sensor bridge is backward compatible.

The new Sense bridge will actually be a standalone hub of sorts. Check out the home monitoring service and the Sense v2 that is only being sold with the HMS at this point. Eventually the Sense v2 will be a stand alone and be able to use outside of the HMS.

Do you have an approximate release date for the stand alone Sense V2?

This discussion is disheartening. The direction being assumed is our devices that are only a few years old are becoming obsolete. The connectivity of the Bridge to the Sensors is becoming more and more unstable. The only apparent fix: wait for new stand alone devices and buy them. So, Sensors are short term disposable devices?

Even if someone has a V1, or V2, to host the Bridge: on a weekly or monthly basis having the Sensors go offline or otherwise not communicate with the Bridge is very frustrating.

Is the issue with authentication, servers, backwards Firmware support, lack of updating Firmware???

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Agree, i have no interest in the home monitoring product, or to change out all the door sensors to the new v2 just to keep the monitoring of our doors.

wyze had my interest out of the gate, but after the failed thermostat and now the potential of losing all the current door sensors, we will review what our best option are, it just may or may not be wyze, i was a fan, but not so much anymore.