V3 with the “bridge”

Does the new V3 allow a sensor bridge to be connected/mounted to it?

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No. The new approach is a standalone bridge.

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Do we know if the new “standalone bridge” for the new sensors are:

  1. compatible with existing Wyze Sense?

  2. what band they are using, will it step on the current sensor bridge?

One of my biggest concerns/problem with Wyze products is the hodge of protocols used.

  1. Wyze cams-Wifi 2,4G standard protocol

  2. Wyze sense-appears to use closed protocol on 900Mhz

  3. Wyze lock-closed Zigbee 2.4g range

  4. Wyze lock uses Bluetooth, 2.4g range

  5. WOC uses closed WiFi, 2.4g

Users have to deal with congested WiFi and RF
It is problematic 2.4g protocols are congested, so many users have issues with the Cams being unreliable, I believe that these issues are contributing to many problems they are reporting!

Wyze has not released any information yet, other then that it will be a a stand alone hub.

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Yup, they are apparently cutting their own path to an ecosystem,

They are obviously happy with their results as there is no encouraging actual developments.

Having errant devices that do not tightly integrate to a standard protocol can result in a waste of resources chasing bugs, and sporadic problems.

The user has no ability to monitor, debug, or adjust based on system logs and reports.
There is no ability to see or address issues.

If you wish to go plug and play, one size fits all approach, fair enough,

I’d posit that target users such as SmartThings or Home assistant will have issues with that approach, Apple HomeKit is not going to certify the current offerings, the users are left to establish a workaround.,