Wyze Cam v2 wants to do a "Sense Bridge Firmware" update, but I don't have one of those. .

Updated the firmware on 4 of my old Wyze Cam v2 cameras today. One of the cameras wants to do a “Sense Bridge Firmware” update from v030 to v033. The only problem is I don’t own a Sense Bridge device.

What’s up with that? :slight_smile:


Interesting. Did you used to have Wyze sensors?
Did you buy the camera new, or used?

Bought them all new from Wyze a few years ago.

I’ve never owned any other Wyze devices.

That, and the fact that only one of them shows this bridge update is just plain weird.

Basically, I’m just ignoring it. Was just wondering if anyone else has seen this.


Thanks for reporting it. I have several V2s and will keep an eye out. I haven’t seen anyone else report this yet. An interesting, though probably harmless, bug.

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