Pleasant surprise, you can swap bridges btwn wyzecams

a wyzecam v2 from 2018 that no longer “connects to the network”( I think it’s wifi module has failed) according to the pre recorded voice & testing I did.

I have a few spare v2 s still in boxes. what I was dreading was the reconfiguration or 20+ sense v1 and pir sensors, some in awkward places linked to the failed v2

but I swapped out the bridge from the bad camera to a new one & everything continued working with no changes!

just to say thanks & ask that this feature is retained in future firmware/ versions of the app.


This is working as designed. Sensors are linked to the bridge, not the camera. Not sure how this is going to play out with the new sensors since they connect to a stand-alone hub. May make things more “interesting.”

after many attempts i revived the bad camera.
in setup it would not connect to any of my 2.4 wifi hotspots . I also tried different smartphones.

as a final attempt I downgraded it’s firmware to the earliest I could find (from 2020 , wyze apparently doesnt archive anything earlier) . this did the trick, it setup first time.

apparently only a firmware downgrade/upgrade cleans up the Linux os on the camera properly.