USB Splitter or Dual Wall Charger to Power 2 V3s

I have one open exterior outlet that I need to use to power 2 V3 cameras. I have seen mention of using a USB splitter - maybe something like this:

that could be plugged into the stock Wyze V3 wall charger that is 5V/2A. Alternatively, I was wondering if it would be better to avoid a splitter and use a dual wall charger, even if it’s also 5V/2.1A:

Finally, would a dual port higher wattage fast charger provide any advantage?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The ones we use is a display 3 USB wall charger and it’s 9 amps total we bought them on eBay there a 3.0 and work great

There should be no difference in the two options you show. You’re either splitting 2.0 amps inside or outside a box.
You could use a 110v extension cord with two outlets for two USB adapters.

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Just be aware that the power supply is not meant for use outdoors…not waterproof.