Mounting for Dual Cameras using dual power supply

I recently purchased 2 v3 cameras for my side yard to upgrade my v2 cameras. Rather then use the old multiple mounting housing I made a simple mounting on a PVC electrical box cover ($5 on Amazon) it allows a wide adjustment in many directions, one faces back and one forward on mine. I used a dual power supply from Amazon under $10 for two. plus a little foam around the hole and you can pull the wires out if you need to change a camera. I used a screw to mount it instead of the magnet so it is solid and will not move. If you ever have to reconnect simply press the button and put your phone in front of it…


You can also use a USB cable splitter. I have 2 V3s installed about 2 feet apart and powered by a single brick.

Nicely done. And thanks very much for showing us. We love these tips and tricks people come up with. Very nicely done.


For others reading this, using a splitter is awesome (I do this in some places too), just keep in mind that cameras need 1A each (2A total for 2) and the indoor power supplies that come with them only put out 1A total (ie: 0.5A each…which is not enough), so if you’re running 2 V3’s off the same adapter, they can start to have lots of issues (failed event uploads, disconnections, random power cycles and all sorts of things not working right as one steals power from the other, basically crashing it).

So, if you use a splitter for the V3’s, consider using a power adapter that provides at least 2A of power (more than that for some other cameras that use spotlights, or motors, etc). Then you’ll have a good experience using a splitter. I highly recommend it, and it seems p2788deal has had it working well too. :slight_smile:

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