Working: Cam pan 3 combined with OG Telephoto

First tried it on top, but that gives trouble with the vertical engine, but i thought, why don I try it on the side… and that works perfectly.


Really cool.

How did you attach it to the side? Glue, Velcro?

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For testing double sided tape, but I gonna glue it. The only downside is that I can’t use picture in picture so i have to switch in the menu between camera’s, but that isn’t such a deal.


Yeah, I was wondering about that. It would be nice if PiP worked as well.

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And i keep having this “sub menu” thing on the right side to choose for the pip in the middle of the screen, and I can’t get it away… I drag it to the bottom and when reopening it is back again.

Love the ingenuity!

With the cam mounted on a vertical wall with the provided bracket, won’t this create a clearance issue when rotating horizontally? How would you limit rotation to the 180° required so you don’t knock it off? I am guessing that this would only work when freestanding or with a custom fabricated bracket.

The PIP on the OG Cam only works when paired with another OG Cam.

When you press the left facing carrot <, the PIP window opens. To remove it, press the Right facing carrot > on the left side of the PIP pane.


Thanks for the explanation, i use a mount for the netatmo wind and rain gauge, that fits the cam pan 3 perfectly, i try to find a picture as it is on the roof, the second one is on a pole of the fence

A bit difficult to see as the camera is on the roof


I am guessing and hoping you removed the lens sticker before mounting? :slight_smile:


Lol, yes i did

I use this clamp but then on the standing potition, they have it on Amazon too, tomorrow when it is light (and dry) i can make better pictures of it.
Positioning the og telephoto on top of the pan v3 makes it to dip the pan v3 when it points like 45 degrees upside angle, but when attached at the side it won’t, you can turn it vertically or horizontally without damaging or slipping of the motors. Even the privacy position works.


My definitive project works very fine.

Pan Cam V3 together with OG Telephoto.