Stacked pan and tilt telephoto with cam og

I think that a cam og with wide angle view coupled (stackedj with a pan and tilt cameras with a telephoto lens would be a killer idea. Let the wide angle camera AI identify items of interest (person, vehicle, etc.) and have the telephoto camera move to track and capture close up recordings of the objects. For great security at an affordable price point you have the hardware to make this a reality.

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Unfortunately, that would need a total motor upgrade in the PanV3. The tilt motors on the cam aren’t strong enough to support the weight of another cam stacked with it. They slip when trying to lift the cam after looking down and can’t recover.

There is a Wishlist for Pan V4 ideas:

Why couldn’t the Pan V3 sit on top of the OG? I realize that the connector for the base of the Pan would be needed in addition to the software to implement the suggested operation. As I mentioned, if the linking of these two products could be created, I think that it would be very popular for security applications. But if the zoomed lens version of the Pan is out of the question, I suspect others will have something similar to the suggestion as time passes.

The base of the Pan V3 has no cam in it and is responsible only for the rotation (pan) of the cam. It does not tilt. Placing the OG-T on the bottom and setting the Pan V3 on top would render it what it is: a non-moving cam. It would have no pan or tilt function. Might as well just mount them side by side at that point. The only way to get pan and tilt from the OG-T is if it were on the top with the PanV3 lens.

Better yet, dual lens cam…

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How about using the Pan V3 wall mount and putting the OG on top? All that is needed then is a version of the Pan V3 with the zoom lens and to software to control it to the spot that was identified by the wide angle OG (or even Cam V3 to support customers with that product).

I think this is superior to a dual lens camera because it will capture two streams at once, the wide angle and the close up of the AI identified object. It should be awesome for security applications at a breakthrough cost and put Wyze at the front in that market.

Here is a picture that illustrates that the top of the wall mount could support the other Wyze cam.

I hacked together something like this using a v1 cam pan and a v3. Mounted the v3 on top of the cam pan like Master and Blaster. Connected them using a microusb splitter. The cam pan would rotate to where the motion was detected, and the v3 would supply the HD feed.
The cam pan internal cable broke when it went beyond the limits, so it got tossed and the v3 was Blasterless.

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