Wyze cube cams

Why not make all cube cams stackable? Would be handy for say the corner of a house where you want to point more than one camera in different directions.

probably because they are lazy or concerned it would double, triple camera price

Don’t see how it would increase the cost, the og and telephoto cameras are stackable, and not more expensive.

I have used 3M super sticky tape to attach one v3 on top of another v3. Also when I had a v1 cam pan, I had a v3 on top of that, pointed 45 degrees from the bottom cam pan.

it is more design, material, packaging, which come at extra cost.
in mass production OG stack kit looks like 5 cents to manufacture but then comes marketing cost, fuel, mba elements, youtube instructions, support training, so on and you end up with $10 retail price.

maybe in Alaska VHB tape would work but in hot summer temperatures will eventually fall off

I agree. I had to use new tape every few months. Perhaps zip ties might be a better choice.

I have been working on a 3DPrint STL file so you can stack 2 camera’s and mount under your soffits. One will sit upright and the other mounted under it in a 180 degree postiion.

Here is a picture.


I would be glad to post the STL file if you would like.

This was my first attempt, the image above has been tweaked. But to provide an idea of what it will look like:

I also created a single camera one which is the same, but the bottom portion was removed.

If you think this would be something individuals could use, let me know.


That is awesome, wish I had a 3d printer. That is something I would Definetly pay for!

Soffit attachment is great, but if you can make it so it can also be mounted on a flat surface instead that would be great.

Very nice work!

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Absolutely can do that. Let me see what I can do and post it for you.

It will be later today though



Ok, worked on a wall mount. Here is what I came up with:


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Been working hard on the STL’s for the V3, V3Pro, and V4. I have completed them all, here they are:

Soffit Mount 2 Cameras                       Wall Mount 2 Cameras
image image

Wall Mount 1 Camera                          Soffit Mount 1 Cameras
Screenshot 2024-04-20 185332 Screenshot 2024-04-20 185610

If you have a 3DPrinter and are interested in downloading and printing, they are located here:

Wyze Cam Mount for the Wall or Soffit by spamoni - MakerWorld