Too many choice - V3 Pro, V3 Pan or OC Combo

Starting a discussion to get some input on my next Wyze cam purchases.

I’ve owned literally every camera from V1 to V2 to V3, swapping them out and upgrading as I go. Including the Pan cameras.

Now I can’t figure out if I want to go to V3 Pro, V3 Pan or the OG combo.

If they had V3 Pro Cam models, ideally with variable telephoto - even if $100 each I would just buy a dozen of them. Unfortunately they don’t.

I’m not looking to mix and match in various areas for different purposes. I want to swap out all dozen of my current cameras with a dozen of one of the new threes.

So my question for members is how which way would you go.

I’m more inclined with V3 Pro or V3 Pan, but don’t know the real world difference in picture. There was a notable difference between the V3 Pro and V3 Cam.

The stacked combo of OC is less desirable due to it would be 24 feeds instead of 12 and quality isn’t anywhere near V3 Pro I would expect. Again too bad there isn’t a model with motorized zoom lens. That might be worth the trade off from the V3 Pro performance. Plus if the AI could soon in on motion tracking and zoom out when there isn’t any.

Price instead an issue between all choice.

Thoughts ?

If the existing cameras are working I’d just wait to find a product that does what you want, from Wyze or someone else. Swapping out 12 cameras knowing you still won’t really be satisfied doesn’t sound wise…


What I want exists but I do t want to pay the $500 each plus the dedicated server / storage unit.

I put off installing cameras for years not because what I wanted didn’t exist but because of the cost, complexity and in some cases reliability and customer service.

I had dabbled with Nest prior to the the first Wyze and I just returned it. The high price of the cameras and related service at the time, especially with numerous cameras was too much.

I’ll be happy, even with some compromises, but there’s so many models with various feature sets it’s hard to get a proper point of performance comparisons. Picture quality is something hard to quantify from the published specs. I’ve been going round trying to find some comparisons on YouTube but their more about V3 Pro vs V3 and V3 Pan vs V2 Pan; so that’s not really if help.

I guess I should buy one of each and put them together and rotate through locations to see what I really want / need. Unfortunately all of them aren’t on Amazon so returns isn’t really an option.

Okay, well it sounds as if you have really ruled out anything except the V3 Pro, because the other 3 new cameras you mention have the exact same now-mediocre 1080 resolution as the V1 and V2 and V3 before them. The bump to 1440 / 2K resolution will give you a little of the zoom flexibility you seem to want without the need for the awkward OG pairing. Personally I’m pretty happy with 2K cameras from other makes, and I’m sure there are a few decent lower priced zoom/varifocal offerings out there from the usual suspects if that is what you need… Just did one search and see a Reolink 3x optical zoom PTZ outdoor cam for $101. Just for example. I think that’s basically the price of V3 Pro?

IMO, the V3 is still the best choice. Although the price of the new OG Standard makes it a significant new contender, especially due to its faster load speed and onboard spotlight. The OG Telephoto is a purpose built cam. If you don’t have the need for the purpose, it isn’t going to do much for you.

The PanV3 as an outdoor cam is proving to be quite difficult to manage. If used as a static cam like the V3, it does great and adds manual Pan and Tilt which is a great feature addition. But used as a motion tracking cam, it is struggling to be useful. Couple that with its one position mount and non-standard power cord and it looses its appeal quickly.

The V3Pro has also not been a stellar performer for me. I don’t find it outperforming the V3 like the added cost implies it should: the video isn’t jaw dropping better, the RSSI isn’t twice as strong, and the motion detection and Edge AI doesn’t seem to improve the detection rate at all. My V3, OG, and PanV3 outperform the Pro there. It does add a spotlight, but so does the $20 OG-S.

The OG-S is proving to be a very promising V3 replacement with a spotlight… If it had a decent mount. It doesn’t.


I’d consider each camera position on its own merits. :wink:

In a nutshell the new cameras:

  • OG-(Telephoto) – If you want to watch something fixed closer (3x)
  • V3 Pan – If you want to watch things that may end up off-frame.
  • V3 Pro – If you want a still picture or zoom to be very resolute.

My analog zoom telephoto (21x) cost like $2,000, so $100 would be NUTS! I have exactly ONE of those analog zoom telephotos, and don’t expect more in my collection anytime soon. :wink:

Personally, I believe the V3 plain is still the best camera overall, including for Night Vision sensitivity (with no IR lights) and dynamic range (looking at both a bright object and a dark object side-by-side).

Generally the OG is considered entry-level, the V3 mid-level, and the V3 Pro high-level. But the V3 Pro is affected by light level because the pixels are 1/4 the size. So, unless you need a higher resolution in daylight (like I do on some cameras) the V3 plain may be the best camera overall.

Just to put the various recent camera models in a numeric order, if only looking for them overall, and not looking for any features they may excel in, I personally quantify them as:

  1. V3 best overall
  2. Pan V3 and V3 Pro tied, but for different reasons
  3. And the OG series lower picture-wise, but I love its lower cost, faster load speed, and onboard spotlight!
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Hang back on purchasing the PanCam V3 as it is a frustrating device at this time. For my money the Wyze Cam V3 is the best option as it supports Cam Plus Lite and plays nice without it too. The Wyze OG works well if you are willing to pay for Cam Plus. The resolution bump of the V3 Pro is not that impressive and after running side by side comparison with a standard V3, I returned it.


What’s your reasoning for this? I would argue that since none of the existing products are exactly what you want you should mix and match to get the best you can.

V3pro is 2k, it has the best video quality of them all. Everything else is the same.

OG has a telephoto for a zoom if needed.

Pan moves.

V3 doesn’t do anything, but supports accessories (external spotlight, lampsocket, etc)

I say pick a camera or a few that you want to change out, and pick the best replacement for that specific location. Use the new cams for a few weeks, and if they work how you like you can replace the rest.

If there’s a corner that you would like to be able to follow motion, get the pan. If there’s a spot you want to zoom into, get the OG T. If there’s a big open area, get the v3pro for its 2k.