The OG is a major disappointment

Comparing it to the V3 the night vision is darker and the spotlight just adds color the V3 night vision is in color without a spotlight. The OG has minimal controls for night vision and the menu is convoluted. The v3 has many night vision settings as well as IR settings with the easy menu that Wyze has always had. I ordered some V3 cams and returned the OG.

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  • The OG is intended to be a good entry-level camera and while it still has a lot of things other companies cameras do not, the main focus of the OG was to keep it as affordable as possible so Wyze could continue to make great tech available for everyone.
  • The V3 fits as more of a mid-range camera with a lot more features, accessories, and options and is certainly a great camera option for someone who has the needs explained here. :+1: I also love the V3 for having the invisible, near IR option. That’s one of my favorite things about it.
  • The V3Pro is the higher-end Pro line for people want 2K, better processor/memory, etc. These are the ones I am mostly switching to because I like the 2K.

People will find different cameras better suited for them depending on some of those individual needs. The OG’s are REALLY great cameras for some people’s needs, and the V3’s are definitely better for other people.


This is a very good explanation.

Although, it exposes a bit of the brand confusion from Wyze. They need to stick to the typical product version format so it doesn’t confuse people and intuitively tells us which is “better” i.e. V3-Lite, V3, V3-Pro. In addition to the interface confusion… it’s all over the place now. Which is understandable because they aren’t Apple. They aren’t making their own hardware to custom spec… which makes the U.I. experience consistent with each generation.

But all the same, it could be better I think.


There is not a lot of difference in price between the V3 and the OG. I would advise spending the extra $10 to $15 dollars for the better camera. Something I forgot to mention is that the mounting system on the V3 is more adaptable as well. I’ve had v2 and v3 cameras outside and have never had to drill one hole.

the mount change to screw only (vs magnetic) was a surprise. if it was in the product spec, missed it. will need to figure out how to reverse engineer the magnetic mount.

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