How is OG night vision quality VS V3

How is the night vision on the OG vs the V3?

The reason I am asking. I thought the V3 was pretty good. I had a car break in 8 months ago, the V3’s mounted just below a 2nd floor window and apx 25’ away picked up the 2 girls walking up the street, checking cars, going up my driveway and entering my car ( the one time I didnt lock it) and leaving 8 minutes later. It also picked them up in the day light 2.5 hours later walking past same clothes/backpack ect. I saw them went after them blah blah blah. So court was finally yesterday and after testifying and more blah blah charges dismissed because with the V3’s I had you can tell with night and day vision same clothes build manerisms ect BUT the night mode was blocky/pixelated around the movement and so the faces were not clear. that alone was enough to dismiss the case… ( and loose $1,300 worth of items)
Sooo. Is the OG that much or any better with distance night vision or do I need to look for a new set of cameras? ( and no I cant use lights, its mostly a public street and they would be on more than off)

and a suggestion for everyone, Mount your cameras at normal head height, if its higher and a baseball cap is worn you wont get the face in the majority of the footage, using 4 cameras I only had a few seconds of face… or actually very pixelated face


As someone that prefers to leave the IR lights off, I am disappointed in the OG. I bought a V3, a month later the OG came out and I figured it would be even better than V3 at this preference of mine, but it wasn’t as you can see.
Edit: didn’t read your whole post, sorry, The OG quality at same distance is no better than the v3, in my opinion. I am interested in the same subject as you and can tell you that an OG has the same resolution as the V3

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Thats Good to know. I guess its time to look at something else for that area. Thank You

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Let’s get real here. As dabay’s photos show, there is only so much you can do if there is no visible light on a camera with a lens only a couple millimeters across. Yes, there are cameras that will work better, but at a FAR larger price tag (and I mean orders of magnitude), and in a FAR larger package. As almost any photographer will tell you, the most important part of a camera system is the lens. For example, my DSLR is pretty modest by today’s standards (a Nikon D50), but if I hooked it up to the 100 inch Hooker telescope on Mt. Wilson, I could get some truly stellar nighttime photos (pardon the pun).

Let us know what you find and how it goes. My situation is similar.

I get all that, all I was wondering is if the OG was much better than the V3 since the V3 Was Soo much better than the V2 ( and no 100 inch hooker needed) - I did add a $39 wifi camera with motion tracking and that does do much better that the V3 but the app really sucks and I dont want 10 different apps for 10 different cameras so I wanted to see what others thought of the OG before researching other cameras

As far as I know the OG has the same or very similar sensor as the v3. The OG is not a lense improvement over the v3. You may have some luck with the v3pro though, it has the same night vision afaik, but it has a 2k resolution so you will get more detail. You may also benefit from a IR blaster/emitter. If you use black and white night vision you can light up the area with nearly invisible IR. It’s like the ones coming out of the camera but much brighter