V3 or the new OG has the better wifi antenna?


I currently have a V3 camera at my mom’s. I am thinking of replacing it with a new OG camera for a better wifi antenna. Right now the V3 has 2 bars for antenna strength. It will log events and record them but that is all. I have re set it twice and it still shows me a static image from a month ago when you attempt to live stream. I cannot live stream or modify any settings. The camera won’t even assign to my camplus subscription either. The camera is 2 hours away so I can’t easily get back to it.

So, wondering if the new OG camera has a better wifi antenna built in then the v3? Seems I need to bring the v3 home and reset it here where I have gigbit internet for it. My mom’s internet is Hughes Dish and gets 35meg down. I have an OG camera at her home 10 ft from the router and it works great, connects fast and streams live in HD. The v3 camera I have set to SD, but when trying the 1 of 3 connections steps it tells me to drop down to 360. Well can’t do that till I connect to the camera.

Oh well. Just wondering what all your Wyze junkies think and have for opinions.

Thank you.

I have not tested the V3 antenna against the OG. However, for the app load speed of the Live Stream, the OG beats the V3 hands down every time!

I have a V3 very near my OG. The OG reports an RSSI @ -51 and the V3 @ -55.


Yes, I notice the app live stream loads way faster too.


I believe this is because the OG was built using a different OS on the cam.

The upload speed is going to be the limiting factor here. With only 35Mbps down, I wouldn’t expect good upload speed.


I need to take an access point to the house for a better signal to the camera. My OG that is 10ft from the router works great and streams in HD. I think the upload is 5meg. But with satellite it’s the latency that makes these cameras unstable.

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I have never used Sattelite Internet… and by what you are describing I hope I never have to. 5Mbps… :man_facepalming:

I would swap the cams when you are there, jump over to cellular data, and see if you get a better stream. If not, then an AP node might just be the solution.

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We get 35 down and 5 up. 5 up isn’t that abnormal for broadband. It’s the latency with satellite. Something that the Elon Musk sat system is much better with due to much lower orbit of their sats vs Hughes.

I just don’t get how re setting the camera twice hasn’t totally re set it. I still get the same still image when attempting to connect from a month ago. I’ve re named the camera too. Though the camera is working, it logs events. I’ll follow up in a week when I can make it back.

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@TheNetGuyDotCom did some good comparisons related to this:


Here is a video on adding an external antenna to a v3 camera. Should improve the signal.


Thank you. Good video. The wifi antenna seems to be much better with the new OG camera. Now I am eager to get back to the house and install a new OG and replace the V3. I like the new OG setup of no scanning a QR code. At times, it can take a couple of minutes of getting that step to work.


Interesting to do all that. Have you done this?

I have a small collection of v3 modification video links I have saved for future reference (like the external antenna video). All of my v3 cameras are currently working great. When one begins to act flakey (something a firmware update can not resolve) then I plan to do some tinkering.

If the OG has a better WiFi antenna then they must have missed mine when it was made. My OG reception sucks. I’m only getting 2 Bars and not 3. Not like I had on my V3 where I always had a full 3 bars and I never moved my Router as I can’t because my of where the home developer put the connections. There are times I go to connect to the OG cam and at times it won’t connect. I’m SO disappointed in the OG cam. Wished I had never bought it and what really upsets me is the V3 cam I had before purchasing the OG when I set it up inside my garage only a few feet away from the OG Wyze took it off the Cam Plus Lite and when I called about it they told me I’d have to get another license and get Cam Plus. They just randomly remove things they used to have.

FYI, the number of “Bars” isn’t totally meaningless when trying to tell how good a signal is, but it is extremely arbitrary and inconsistent and almost impossible to compare against any other device. For example 2 bars on one device can sometimes actually be STRONGER than 3 bars on another device. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but it has proven to be true in some cases. Reception “bars” don’t really have any kind of standardization, and in that sense they are almost, but not quite meaningless, at least when trying to compare two different devices. So a V3 having 3 bars and an OG having 2, doesn’t necessarily tell us much.

Having said that, 2 bars should generally indicate sufficient reception/dBm for any device in question, particularly a 1080p security camera at the low bitrates that the OG cameras use.

My 2 OGs are at the very outer edge of my property. One of them was showing just 1 out of 3 bars of reception when I checked it and it has been working fine, so I would think 2 bars should usually be more than good enough. If you tap on the bars, it should tell you what the actual dBm reception number is. Needs can vary based on several factors, but a good generality is 0 to -70 dBm is where you usually want to keep your reception. Sometimes if your reception goes beyond -70dBm into like -80dBm it still MAY work fine, but some people might start to experience degraded video.

It’s possible there is something else affecting the experience in some way. Maybe some kind of interference or any number of other things.

This sounds weird. I’ve never heard of this happening. Once you have Cam Plus Lite, you should always have it unless you specifically go cancel it. You may have had a rep that was confused about what was going on. And them telling you to get Cam Plus to fix it would be bad advice too. I think the rep you spoke with must have been confused.

Regardless, even if this is the case that your Cam Plus lite is gone for whatever reason, you can always get Cam Plus Lite back, even for free if that is how you had it before. It has not gone away as something available to add. Let us know if you need any help getting cam plus lite back and we can help make sure that gets fixed for you. The OG won’t be able to use it, but we can definitely get it back for your V3.


Thanks for the info carver. I’ll just checked my bars and it shows -56 so I guess it’s ok. Never knew you could check it that way. Regarding my cam plus lite, when I went to set my V3 that lost it, it wouldn’t start up when plugged in so I had to delete it and start it up all over again and that’s when I lost my cam plus lite. I’ll try and get it back again to see if I can get it back. Thanks again for the info. You restored my faith back into Wyze again.

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