Cam V2 vs OG Cam, V3 Pro night view. Wow what an improvement


Just wanted to mention I have replaced 3 of my V2 Cams with either the Cam OG or the V3 Pro. WOW what an improvement for the dark. My V2 cams see in the dark pitch black with the IR turned on. The OG and V3 Pro are literally night and day difference in a dark building for example. I personally like the OG now as my favorite cam for features, quality of view and price.


Yeah, it’s nuts huh?


So the Cam OG has better night vision than the V2? I have a V2 watching my back patio through a window but when it’s night I can’t see anything at all. The IR lights will just reflect off the glass and the camera alone doesn’t pick up enough ambient light to see anything. I wouldn’t mind trying an OG to see if it’s any better.

Hi, for looking thru a window/glass turn the IR lights off. That will eliminate the reflection. Yes, say in a basement, garage in the dark the V2 cams see pitch black. The OG and V3 Pro see very nice well light like a black and white movie.

Check out the night view comparison of a v3 vs. a V2 in the middle of this link. Seems like Wyze has made improvements since the V2.

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Is the OG’s night vision comparable to the V3’s night vision as seen in that picture?

I do not have an OG. Do you feel your OG night view is better than the v3 in the above link?

I think the OG night view is better than the v3. And when you add in the lower price of the OG and I love the much simpler, faster setup of the OG. The new setup for the OG is light years better.

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:angry: So I ordered an OG and come to find out that the base isn’t magnetic. Ok, this sucks. I have the V2 I am trying to replace mounted upside down using the magnetic base.

Any way to mount the OG the same or do I need to order a V3 and send the OG back?

haha I’ve been there with the OG’s. I just screw them in or I get 2 pieces of double sided Velcro. Or get 2 of the round plates that come with the other cameras and use that with some super glue. It is dumb like you say no longer an option with magnet round pieces.

I’m wondering if maybe there’s a way to attach the OG cam to the V2 base. I have a couple of V2s I will no longer be using and I don’t mind taking them apart if there’s a way to attach the OG cam to the V2 base.

Or even just attach the magnetic part of the V2’s base to the OG’s base.

Here is a thread on DIY OG mag mount.

I might just order some small round magnets from Amazon and attach them to the bottom of the OG’s base with double sided tape or something like that.


Fortunately these cameras are cheap. Unfortunately the OG didn’t work any better than the V2. Still completely pitch black at night in my dark balcony. There is some ambient light there but it’s very little.

As I mentioned, the cam is mounted inside looking through a double pane window so I can’t use the IRs or spotlight. I also tried turning on the balcony light and that helped but because of the double pane glass it caused some funky reflections.

So far not impressed with the OG’s night vision. For the time being I have a Cam Pan V3 I placed on a table outside on the patio and it works fine with the IR lights on so until I find a way to mount a regular cam permanently I will keep using that. Maybe I’ll stick the OG in the garage where I currently have a V2 cam.

Make sure for the OG, in Advance Settings, Night Vision Conditions to Dark. And Night Vision IR Lights turned on. Let us know. PS: The OG is weather proof. Get it on the other side of the glass. That’s the problem. I’m able to delicately run the flat cable thru a window pane without pinching it, then mount it outside.

I can’t use the IR lights with the camera mounted inside because of the glass reflections. I looked at the possibility of running a flat cable through the window so I could mount it outside but unfortunately the windows have a very snug seal. There is no way to run a cable through them. The only way I might be able to do it is to run a 25’ cable from one end of the balcony to the other but I’ve been trying to avoid that. Might not have a choice though.

Right on the IR light behind glass. The OG comes with a flat cable. I was with some work able to get it thru my window and close the window tight with the cable. It takes work. I went with these 20ft and they work and still provide enough power at 20ft to correctly run the camera: Hope all this helps.

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Thanks. Believe me though, there is absolutely no way I can get any kind of cable through that window frame. The seal is so snug you can’t even fit a piece of paper through it.

Problem solved. I figured out a way to mount a Cam Pan V3 right above where I have a power outlet. Took the OG cam and placed it in the garage to replace a V2 I had there.

After installing the OG in my garage I have to say that the night vision is significantly better than the V2. I guess it just needs to have some ambient light which apparently my garage has but not my upstairs balcony.

It does need night mode set to Auto or On though otherwise it doesn’t see a single thing.