Cam V2 vs OG Cam, V3 Pro night view. Wow what an improvement

Have you consider using a Wyze lamp socket to get electricity for the Wyze camera?

Interesting. I hadn’t even thought of that. It’s too late for the upstairs patio since I already drilled the holes and mounted the Pan V3 but it does open up some possibilities for future projects.

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Yes I leave all my cameras set to auto for night/dark mode. I have the IR lights turned on and set to dark mode. Glad it’s working for you. Yes, for me the OG camera has way way way better night vision than the v2 cameras. That was the start of my post that my v2 cameras just show pitch black in my garage whereas the OG shows a very bright black/white image.

The image in my garage with night mode set to on or auto and IR turned off is so bright that a couple of nights I’ve actually walked down to the garage to make sure I didn’t leave the light on.

It really picks up even the slightest bit of ambient light.

But with night mode off, it’s a very dark image. That’s how I convinced myself I hadn’t left a light on…I just turned off night mode and was able to confirm that no lights were on in the garage because the image was dark.

Very impressive night vision although like I learned, it doesn’t work well through glass even if there is ambient light outside. It must not pick it up too well through the window.

Glad it’s working out for you.

I leave the camera set to Auto, then Dark mode and IR lights ON. If I turn IR lights OFF, I see pitch black in my garage, pole barn.

Until Wyze can respond to customers about the cameras constantly corrupting the SD cards, I am not investing in any WYZE products.