Wyze Cam OG so called Color Night Vision

I purchased this camera believing that the night vision was captured in color. However when doing a test inside the house here with no lights on and the IR lights on the camera on the feed is black & white just like my older Wzye 2 camera

To use ‘Color Night Vision’, you need to turn off night vision. It will then use any ambient light to light the picture. For color night vision to work, some ambient light will need to be present or the image will just be black.

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Night Vision Mode was set to auto. This camera is going to be used internally in a room with a large picture window so will see if I bought something that is any better than my old v2 at night

I would turn Night Vision to off and see how the picture looks.

And yes, the color vision of the OG and V3 cameras is substantially better than the V2.

Personally I think “color night vision” should be renamed or referred to as “color at night” or “color in low light” as to not be confused with normal “night vision” mode and function (black and white picture, using IR lights to illuminate the camera view). The OG, the v3, other cameras with the starlight sensor have really good low light performance, weither night vision mode (black and white picture) is enabled, or disabled (color picture). To be able to see colors in low night, you will need some illumination, a night light, a bright moon, etc. No camera can see in complete darkness, you still need some illumination like ir lighting or a visible light source.

Edit. Yes v2 is horrible in low light. You will see a difference almost immediately.

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I agree with renaming “Color Night Vision”. I took it to mean that instead of black and white when night vision was in use like on v2 I would get color. That is not the case.

Also agree that “Color Night Vision” is very confusing.

I would go as far as saying it is misleading.