DIY OG magnet mount work around

My door has a metal header which made it drop dead simple to use Wyze cameras… at least until the OG. With metal headers, screw mounting the OG was a non-starter. Light bulb went off after about a week… I have salvaged magnets from dead hard drivers. The plastic OG mount base has some metal inside it. The hard drive magnet is both thin and strong enough to hold the OG upside down.


Great Idea. I bought a bunch of circular-disk-shaped neodymium magnets a while back for really cheap. Makes sense just to put double-sided tape or glue one of those on there and then it has a magnetic mount.

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Great solution! I have some RE Magnets that I tried to use. Unfortunately they couldn’t handle the weight of the stacked cams. There just wasn’t enough metal in the cam base. Modifications were necessary to attach several V3 metal mounting disks to the base of the cam so there was enough metal for the magnets to grab and support both cams.


My non-adhesive solution for magnetic Wyze OG where everything is securely fastened. Magnetic bases are extras from fridge hooks previously bought.

Camera can be tilted up/down by adjusting magnetic attachment positions.


Works for Wyze Cam Pan v3 mounting bracket, too.


Thank you! I was about to return my OG because of the non magnetic base. I have a brick house and absolutely do not want to drill the brick.


were did you get matching screws, nut, washer?

You just fixed an issue for me… I could have tried to use siding hooks, but this way I can mount the OG where the old v3 was, easily. I have a bunch of these from an old project (always keep extras, you never know).


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I have been reworking an idea for an OG mount option. The parts are a M4 x 0.7 x 8mm Oval Head Phillips Machine Screw and a standard 1/4-20 Machine Nut. I purchased both at Lowes. These have the advantage of being much smaller than the adapter I bought on Amazon. I improvised a hold-down clamp to keep the screw centered and vertical then soldered it to the nut. I used SAC305 lead-free solder and a rosin flux with the soldering iron set at 480°C.

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A tough situation that I just found out about after opening up the case, seeing the mount, then unmounting a V3 base to realize they were not swappable.

I have the molybdenum magnets, but the mounting base did not lend itself to accommodating a magnetic adhesion mechanism. IOW, magnets no worked.

So I don’t have a soldering kit or any other means to frankenstein this together, but I would like to get a magnetic base on this to mount to my steel flashing on the exterior of my building.

Wyze, please look at your V3 mount and add a base for $5!

Same. What size thread on the screws/nuts?

Thank you for sharing this! It’s something I probably would not have considered, but now I’m using a flat magnet (also salvaged from a hard drive) to do this for an indoor location where I might need to reposition the camera from time to time. (I don’t trust this kind of mount in an outdoors application with the wind we get here.)