Thoughts on your Wyze Camera/Cameras?

Thoughts on your Wyze Camera/Cameras?

In Service:

  • 1 VDBv1 - a bit temperamental on motion activating, slow notifications, dismal 2 way audio
  • 1 PanV1 - poor Night Vision, weak IR
  • 16 V3 - the unsung Hero and Workhorse; and, ounce for ounce, dollar for dollar, the best Wyze cam you can buy
  • 1 V3Pro - meh, not the blockbuster I expected for all the hype and cost
  • 3 OG (S & T) - would have been an absolute V3 Killer with a magnetic Wyze base and continuous offline SD recording
  • 4 PanV3 - ADHD Cam with a caffeine buzz and sugar high, hope to see a fix soon, these could be great cams
  • 2 Floodlight Pro - the heavens opened and the angels sang, absolute life changing experience, best cam release since the V3, zero complaints

Awaiting Install:

  • 1 Floodlight V1
  • 2 Floodlight Pro
  • 1 VDBPro
  • 4 V3

Decent budget cams but can be temperamental, not all advertised features work the way you might expect them to, software can be buggy, requires a subscription to be of real use beyond just 12 second clips and live monitoring but you can get an annual subscription that covers all your cameras for roughly $99/yr, picture quality is usually pretty decent, speaker/microphone is horrendous and sounds like a combination of Charlie Brown’s teacher and static (literally could not make out a single word), overall not bad as long as you are aware of the limitations and trade-offs when taking price/quality/features into account.

I have over 10 of them and use them to keep an eye on things like pets, dog walker, people creeping around, coyotes and skunks, etc, have Smart notifications set up to wake me up at night if people are detected where they shouldn’t be. With the annual Cam Plus subscription I’m generally pretty happy with them but sometimes get frustrated.

Out of the ones I’ve owned the regular V3 have been the best. The most disappointing has been the Cam Pan V3. I like the privacy mode but the picture, motion detection, and other features are better on the regular V3.

I like my V3, and I HATE the OG.

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