What products actually work?

I’m kinda afraid to dig more into the ecosystem. I would like to know what cameras actually work after 1 year? So i can just avoid the ones that don’t. I have the following items and their current status. I also have the cam plus annual subscription.

Wyze V2 (2)- they still work. I expect them to crap out sooner or later
Wyze Pan cam v2 (2) - I used to have 3. the two that are left are still going strong and work great indoor. One crapped out, but it’s expected after 3+years of use.
Wyze V3 (5+ cams)- most reliable camera, few issues. Perhaps some slow loading and disconnecting due to wifi.
Wyze doorbell pro (1)- worked for like 2months. Then it’s just all black screen of death. I can hear sound, but no video. Probably the worst product, avoid.
Wyze Floodlights (3) - Floodlight A has 2 wyze v3s. One of the v3s tend to need to be power cycled weekly. Floodlight B has only 1 cam and works pretty flawlessly, occasional power cycle, about monthly. Floodlight C has 1 v3 cam. It just doesn’t want to work more than 72hrs. It worked fine for a few months, then noticed the problem after the update.
Wyze light bulbs (2) - work great, but beware the ones I have are non dimmable. I blew one out cuz I put them in a dimmer switch socket.
Wyze smart plug - I’ve had them for a while but only started using them few months ago. They seem to work as intended currently.

I’m interested in the following:
Wyze cam Pan V3
Wyze Floodlight Pro

Other reliable products to consider?

For me the wired cameras, v2s, v3 and the new OG, all continue to work well. Two v3s bit the dust. The wireless cameras, I have/had 12, are not very good in my opinion. They continually need some thing from resetting them up to dropped connections or now recording, The had part is 5 had completely died. Even one that were used inside. Not good in my opinion. The floodlight is not reliable. Always dropping connection from the wi-fi point which is 12 feet way on the other side of a frame wall.

You get what you pay for. The best thing is the time lapse. The pro has a reasonable picture and is a fun deal.

Cams: VDBv1, Panv1, V3 (16), V3Pro, PanV3 (4), OG (S & T), Floodlight Pro.

Only ever had one failure. Motor failure replaced under warranty in a PanV3.

You asked about the PanV3 and the Floodlight Pro.

The Pan V3 connectivity has been a topic of much discussion here in the forum. You should really read the topics tagged #cam-pan-v3 to make an informed decision. For me, I am currently only using it as a manual panning cam due to issues with it not returning to the home position. I have also had no connectivity issues. However I power cycle all my cams nightly. I also eradicated all cam connectivity issues when I upgraded my router to a Wyze Mesh Pro 3 node network.

I just got the Floodlight Pro and I am still trying to break it to find its weaknesses. Still too new to really assess the reliability of features in the firmware. However, the cam is more than impressive. It takes a bit longer to load than the PanV3, V3, and V3Pro it is grouped with, but that is expected given the resolution and FOV. It is also on the 5GHz band which many will like. The 180° FOV and video quality is something to be admired. I am eagerly awaiting the moment Wyze offers that cam in a stand alone package.

If you have specific questions about any of the other cams, just ask. Far too much to review here. Also, every cam has its own tag so you can read posts about each. You are going to find opinions on both sides.

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I think the V3 Pro is a good cam but the light sensor is a little to ambitious for me. I have sufficient ambient light to use the color night vision and I also have an independent dual LED motion flood light 18 feet to the left of the camera. If I also use the V3 Pro integrated spot light the picture turns dark real quick.
First video is with the Pro spot light and my motion light both coming on and the second video is just my motion flood lights coming on.