Wyze has too many issues to work through

I have been a customer since 2018, and I have finally decided to give it up. Way too many issues with way too many products from them. Most recently, I have Wyzecam subscriptions on my flood lights. For the last 4 months, my front yard flood light is no longer recording things with the Plus subscription. I reset it, it works for a few hours, then back to not working. It’s clearly an issue with the hardware. I have had My flood for one year and 4 months and it would have stopped working around the 1-year mark. Because it is out of warranty, they can’t offer any sort of help in fixing the issue because it’s a hardware issue. However, given I pay for a cam plus subscription, I would expect they would do something to resolve the issue, wether It be a credit to the store, or something like that. I am paying for something that I can’t even use for the next while until I am forced to buy yet another terrible product from them.

My backyard camera is working great, but it is the newest generation pro version. I just bought it a month ago, and I’m now returning that given the situation. I have had three vacuums in the last 3 years, all of which have broken. All of my smart plugs don’t work anymore, after buying multiple over 4 years. I have six of them… Robot vacuum stopped working within a year. Two of my V2 cameras gave up the ghost around a year and a half of use. Went through two doorbells before switching to a nest doorbell. Scale stopped working around 9 months, and got a new one, which didn’t work. Plenty of others, but you get the point.

I really wish they would just fix The issue of cheap products, but I guess that’s kind of their thing. I’m curious if anybody else has gone through similar things, but I’m leaning towards reporting them to the BBB. Too many times I’ve let them get away with faulty products and this one is just flat out. Frustrating for a $150 product that doesn’t work after one year.

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Also an early adopter with various products.

I’ve had issues with the 2019 bulbs. Nearly every one has gone stupid - but Wyze has replaced most with White Bulbs over the years (no charge). I find the outlets much more reliable. I don’t need to dim or change hue, so I will opt to use outlets on table lamps vs. bulbs through attrition.

I did have a V1 camera die - but I got nearly 7 years out of it for $20. Replacement is better res, too. Well amortized. And my V1 scale, outlets, V2-3 cameras, and Pan Cams are all still working as advertised.

My outdoor dual outlets are in year three, but I only use them April to October (stored indoors for winter).

While I agree that Wyze may be growing into more products outside their core expertise, they offer them at competitive costs, allowing customers to opt into use at a relatively small investment.

For me, I’ve found Wyze tends to support their products - at least the ones that I use. I also don’t expect a relatively inexpensive item to last as long as its expensive competitors.

Might not be the reply you solicited.


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That is a good review that I can agree with. The entry cost to explore can lead you to purchase a better cam or appliance, later on. My v2 and v3 cams have held up well.

It’s easy to play and learn at this cost.

I just wish the Wyze 2019 bulbs could still work.

You had five year run :rofl: In my books that’s good for a bulb.

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Perhaps it’s the adage: Never buy Version 1.0.

Somebody has to be brave and take one for the team.

I already contributed to the team.

Did you get a badge for your bravery?

I only have a v2 from 5/2019. My Wyze v2 has a Wyze sense module still plugged in.

Not sure when I bought the 2019 bulbs, but probably 2019.

No but I gave all four WCO cams badges and the base for still working today :rofl:

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Set mine up in August 2020 - it’s still going strong. Even with low WiFi signal.

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Same. And not just my WCO v1 cams, all of my cams. Although I have no doubt that some are having valid issues with cams and services.

I agree with you …