Wyze cameras not working

Long Post Alert.
lets start from the beginning
December 2019 the wife wanted a security camera system for the new house. I began to research different systems (Ring, Nest, CCtv, etc). I came across WYZE as I am a frequent shopper of Home Depot. I liked there system and low cost so I decided to go with them. i purchased 4 WYZE camv2 and 5 WYZE pan cams. I bought extra incase I wanted to add more at a later time and they were very cheap. I hooked up 3 pan cams and 2 v2 cams of what i bought. everything has been good for about 2 years. in september or november we had a firmware update and as always i update everytime there is an update to avoid having the constant reminder that you have to click to ignore such updates. since that firmware update. 1 pan cam and 1 v2 cam have not been working and ive gotten the dreaded “solid yellow light”. ive followed all the steps on wyze support forum (power cycling, Factory resetting, Flashing firmware, changing power supply). ive chatted customer support, called customer support and followed all the instructions to a T. still nothing. now i still have 2 pans and 1 v2 cam that has no problems and received the new update (pan cam v2 cam no problem. so i remember i have some extras in a box in the garage storage that have never been used (2 pan cams and 2 v2 cams) so i figure ok ill switch them out and trash the others. i unbox and run the setup process for these and everything seems to be going as it should. once they are connected it immediately asks to update firmware as it cannot operate with the old one so i do so and update. can you believe that i get that same “solid yellow light” and the cameras is completely inoperable and they are brand new out of the box (yes a couple yrs old but still never been opened or used). so i think ok these are new(ish) and have literally never had an update or anything so lets try all the rebooting steps with these (power cycling, factory resetting, flashing firmware). nothing. now i have 3 pan cams and 3 v2 cams with a “solid yellow light”. unbelievable. now black friday recently happened and the wife wanted a door bell camera so i got they wyze doorbell as everything else is wyze. set it up no problem. works great. love it. but i still have these 6 inoperable cameras. i call customer support again looking for some kind of solution to this problem. again i have done everything to try and get the old and new(ish) cameras back to functioning and gone though all of it with customer support whom have been very helpful and patient with me the entire time. so we all come to the conclusion that the cameras are bad and something is wrong with them that i am unable to fix. i ask for some kind of compensation or replacement for the 6 disable cameras. they offer me $10 coupon. $10. i have over $200 in bad unfixable cameras and they offer me $10. now 4 of those cameras had never been used. i could understand a $10 coupon for the ones that were used but for all 6 cameras i felt insulted. again i like they system and have even recently bought a doorbell camera to add to the system. i am beside myself that this is all they can do to help when the problem seems to be caused with their firmware updates. now im wondering if this is a tactic to keep people buying their product. kind of like the cellphone game. where a cell phone bought a couple years ago is now inoperable or not performing well due to technology upgrades which require you to upgrade your phone. ok im done rambling and throwing out conspiracy theories. im just frustrated and unhappy with the solution presented to me and would welcome any advice or solution on how to fix the problem. also i cannot return the cameras as they are out of the manufactures warranty period.

I assume you tried the manual firmware installation? Maybe your router is tired?

It sure sounds like you have a router/wifi issue,you need to get an IT person over and run some test ,at our house we currently have over 55 items on our wifi/switch,and for all your cameras not working tells me you need to get the geek squad from Best Buy