Did I hallucinate this or

I swear, last year (2023 – maybe it was late 2022) that Wyze had introduced a product of two cameras stacked one on top of the other where each cam could be facing a different direction to basically give a 180 view from one location. This seemed a very handy system and had toyed with getting this thing, but I think the reason I didn’t get it was it seemed the video quality might not have been what I wanted, or maybe price was a concern.

Did I hallucinate this? Or was the product pulled/discontinued for some reason?

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It’s called the Wyze Cam OG:

It allows you to stack them with the a stack kit, and the app allows you to do picture-in-picture to easily see both at the same time and switch between them quickly.

It was launched in early 2023.


Thank you! I could NOT remember the name of it or anything. So glad I haven’t lost my mind! LOL

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If you were one of my brothers, I totally would been gaslighting you and pretending you were losing your mind just for kicks and giggles later, but in here I promised Jason and Gwendolyn I’d actually help people :joy: You are not losing your mind. :+1:

I think it would be cool if they end up eventually offering something similar with a 2K camera!


:joy: Well, glad you behaved!

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It can be either the OG or the OG-Tele - in any combination. I don’t really have a use case for it, but it does work well.

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