OG Cam Confusion

Perhaps I’ve missed it in all the written copy

$20 OG Cam
$30. OG Tele Cam
$58. OG Combo

Why is the combo, more expensive instead of less expensive. All the other Wyze combos are (at least marginally) cheaper. Not more.

Also it’s doesn’t appears the Combo on has two stands, so less parts?

Also is the combo treated as two separate stream like with any other two cameras or are they somehow integrated in software and switch between them as needed by user or AI?


I guess you’re paying 8 bucks for the “stack kit”.

Wyze Cam OG Stack Kit is for Wyze Cam OG and OG Telephoto. The Wyze Stack Kit includes a USB Cable Splitter, a Power Brick, and Stack Mount that allows you to power and stack-ably mount two Wyze Cam OGs or Wyze Cam OG Telephoto Cameras on top of each other.


There is the new picture in picture mode that is only available between the OGSs and the OGTs.