OG Stack Unit

Has anyone received an OG Cam Stack unit yet?

I haven’t seen anyone mention that they’ve received the stack unit yet. I do see that they are available for purchase now though.

I think I’ll probably get one.

Did you have a question about them?

OK CarverofChoice.

Seems you can do better than I have done. I have spoken to Wyze team members at least 3 times re; availabilty of the OG Cam Stack Kits. Last time was yesterday. TTheir reponses have been the same “unavailable”. Please tell me where or how you found tat theu are available?

Sorry about my typing, I was in a hurry and did not proof it. I later noticed the image you sent.

No worries. Yes, it is on the website now. I haven’t seen it in the app yet, though it could be there too, I just did not see it there.

The Stack Kit is now available!

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