OG Camera says 2 cams am i buying one or 2 cameras?

Im looking into getting the Cam OG for my front and back yard, when i click on either the OG or rhe OG telephoto both product description say 2 cams… i cant tell if its saying i will get 2 cameras for the 20 and 30 somthing price tag or if they are still promoting getting a second camera on the description page in error nowhere els does it clairify that you get two cameras, i dont know if i only need to buy 2 or 4 cameras plus mounting kit for my front and back…

Also if its wiered whats the best way to set it up ouside?

The OG Standard and the OG Telephoto are sold separately (one pack). Each can be used without the other. The description is misleading because they are just describing that the “Two Cams” work together in the app and if you want them to stack. It is not required to have the other. They will work fine individually.

The 2 Pack listed in the the store are for two of the same cam… 2 OG Standards or 2 OG Telephotos.

The stack kit, with the top mount, splitter cable, and power adapter is also sold separately if you want that.

Wyze does sell a Bundle that has one OG Standard, One OG Telephoto and the stack kit all together in one single package.


Thank you!! Thats exactly what I needed to know!:heart:

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Happy to help!

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I agree… the description is very misleading and Wyze should change it.