ARG! What happened to the passthrough?!

Ya done me dirty…

I have two v2’s I am replacing with these lovely OG’s… except I had the v2’s daisy chained.
Now I have to find power for the second one!

Need to figure out some sorta Y splitter for this setup.

OG is a wonderful upgrade though.


Well, found me one of these.
It’ll work just fine, just won’t have the nice seal that the cameras get with accompanying cables.
Black tape to the rescue!

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It appears that when Wyze starts selling the “stack mount kit” that has been discussed and is pictured on the website, there will be a single power cord with a “Y” splitter included.

Still can’t comprehend why both cams would be sold seperately before that kit was offered. Also can’t believe they aren’t offering a “Stack Bundle” with one of each cam and the stack mounts w\ splitter. Makes no sense.


Somehow I missed this intro. They have a two pack of standard focal length but NOT a two pack featuring one of each camera? Huh.

Also the comparison page is useful. It confirms that only the V3 and outdoor cam support Lite.

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Exactly. The product purchase options are really odd. Just doesn’t seem very well organized.

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Also the layout was confusing to me - at first and second glance of this I thought both types were always included in the same box:


That is typical Wyze camera as of late.
Get an OUTDOOR capable pan cam. With a 6 foot cord.


I’m still waiting for my OG Tele cameras to ship…

Seems to be a trend.

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The product page did state:

Wyze Cam OG is ready to ship; Cam OG Telephoto ships in 2-3 days.

from launch. So the delay in shipping of the OGT was known. It is now a hair past the 3rd day so I’d keep an eye out now.

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